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5 Warning Signs of Brake Problems

By, 2022-01-08


There are many reasons for car accidents all over the world, but perhaps the most common and popular cause of these accident  is damage to the car brakes; with 22% of road accidents caused by brake failure. Hence, the brake system is one of the most important means of safety and protection in the car for passengers and pedestrians alike.


As with other parts of the vehicle, brakes are exposed to many sudden or unexpected failures and are affected by many factors that accelerate the process of damage or breakdown. So, be careful with this and do a regular check to the brakes. Moreover, be aware of the warning signs that appear in the car to alert of having brake problem.


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What are the most important warning signs in the car that indicate brake damage?


There are a lot of warning signs that tell about brake problem, including:


1 - Brake light is on


When brake lights is on in the car dashboard, this is a clear indicator and a quick warning of a problem in the brake system. You should check the system to see what the problem is and its location. There are many reasons why brake light is on:


  • Low brake oil level, in this case you need to know why the oil level of the brake is low before refilling the lost oil.
  • A problem in the hand brake, which you have to repair it as soon as possible, so other brake parts are not affected.
  • There is a defect in the brake oil sensor.


So when you see the brake light, check all the previous parts to see where the problem is and fix it as soon as possible.


2 - loud sounds


The loud sounds coming out of the brake indicate a damage to the brake system and that you must replace it. These sounds indicate damage to brake fabrics or damage to the cylinder. The damaged part must be identified and changed immediately so that the problem does not extend.


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3. vibration in the steering wheel


If there is a vibration in the steering wheel when using the brake, this indicates that the brake system is dead, making it difficult to press the brakes.This problem can be avoided by doing regular brake checks to ensure that all brake parts are properly adjusted.


4- leak in the brake oil


You can identify that there is a  leak in the brake oil when it is very soft while pressing the brake pedal. It is the oil that gives the brakes strength when used, in the case of leakage there won't be enough pressure from the oil to generate that force.


5- Burning smell


This sign means that the brake temperature is very high, so stop the car immediately to cool it out. If you do not do that, the oil will reach the boiling point and then the brake system will be completely dead.


The previous signs were the top 5 warning signs about brake problem. To avoid all these risks, you should regularly check all parts of the car, most importantly the brake system. When any of the above signs appear, do not hesitate and fix them immediately so that the problem does not extend and endanger your life and others.


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